Thursday, July 1, 2010

Elderly Challenge Process

After brainstorming on some of the possible problems that the elderly may face, I have decided to first work on one that many of them face. After a quick survey and observation, I found that much of society, especially youngsters, think that the elderly are useless due to their 'weaknesses'. Due to their age, the elderly have grown weaker both physically and mentally, thus, the youngsters usually try to avoid them. This makes the elderly lonely and have not much of a purpose. Therefore, I find that the best way to change that perception is to get the elderly to engage more and show that they are more then meets the eye. I could house activities to have more interaction and come up with ideas to make things easier for the elderly, and who knows? It might even benefit the rest of society.

How can I get the elderly to engage more?

1 comment:

  1. Good idea to engage them even more. But more importantly is to also engage those that are NOT elderly, because as a society we would need each other to ensure the success of our engagements. You might want to consider engaging the youth too, since you are more familiar with them. Do continue to ask questions to lead you to an eventual problem that you might want to solve later on.