Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The many things you can do with a paper clip....

Animation- Praxinoscope disc

Top: An animation that shows a B- grade morph into an A+ grade. Learning and wanting to produce good results inspired me to draw this animation.

Bottom: It depicts an old-fashioned cherry bomb. The spark slowly travels down the string and finally the bomb explodes in a flash. An old cartoon inspired me to do this as the bomb exploded.

Reflection of the visit to Singapore's NEWater Plants

Today, on the 23rd of March 2010, my fellow classmates and I visited the NEWater plant in Singapore. There, we watched a few documentaries about Singapore's dwindling water supply. With Singapore's increasing population, the usage of water used increases. Thus, in order for Singapore to sustain her water supply in the long run, Singapore needed other alternative water sources.....and then came NEWater! We were there how it was made. We learnt that the process to make NEWater was through a few processes:

1) Ultrafiltration / Microfiltration

2) Reverse Osmosis

3) Ultraviolet Disinfection