Friday, February 19, 2010

A video I made to show 2 bad designs and situations.

Hello, my name is Hardy Shein of class S1-09.

The window has no interlocking section when it is open and can be closed or slammed easily by strong winds and can cause a lot of damage. I think there should be a way to keep the window in place.

The old Microsoft mouse had mouse that has a button feature at both sides that when you touch it, It brings you to the previous webpage thus wasting the users time and effort on anything he was doing.I think those buttons should not be there as they cause a lot of in convenience.


  1. Hi Hardy, I can't seem to view the clip. Can you upload to YouTube first, and then embed the video into your post. I think it would better that way. :)

  2. Hardy, you did a good job in making the clip! It was quite nice! I bet anyone can tell that you put in a lot of effort doing this clip!

    See To Yu Xiang