Monday, January 25, 2010

Physical. Intellectual. Emotional. Social.

1. Laptop Bag
P: Spacious to hold laptop, can hold many things, made of durable material
I: I have to make sure that there is space to hold all my items, different compartments for different items
E: Really want to take care of it so as to not lose the many items

2. Something that was passed down to me from my father/ grandfather,etc. Item: Compass
P: It works, It is small, portable, shiny
I: I can use it to find my way
E: I remember my father with the compass
S: I bond with my father by getting it.

1. MRT station
P: It is clean.
I: It is safe and spacious for peak hours

2. Watching a movie
P: It has high quality imaging.
I: The movie should have a moral to show, and something to spark viewers interest
E: Some movies can touch viewers
S: I can bond with family and friends

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